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Technical Data Sheets



Color: White
Scent: None
Character: Free Flowing Flakes
pH (1%): 9-10
Phosphorous Content: 0%
Biodegradable: 100%
Packaging: 35# Pails, 100# and 440# Drums
Color: Clear, Colorless
Density (g/ml): 6.3
pH (10% soln): <1
Flash Point (F): 207
Flash Point (F): -2
Peracetic Acid
(% wt.):
Packaging: 5-Gallon Cornelious Kegs
Color: White Powder
Scent: Oxygen Bleach
Character: Free Flowing
Phosphorous Content: 0%
Chlorine Content: 0%
Biodegradable: 100%

Cleaning & Sanitizing

Heritage RESTORE

Heritage Systems, Inc. has developed our Restore line of cleaners and sanitizers with performance efficiency and cost in mind.The Restore cleaning and sanitizing program is built around two products:
Filmaway: A potassium hydroxide cleaner containing chelating and sequestering agents designed to remove proteins, tartrate and soils from wine-processing equipment.
Lancer: A PerAcetic Acid based, USDA/FDA approved acid cleaner and sanitizer.
OxydateTM: A nonchlorine oxygen bleaching product for removing stains and soils on process equipment and floors.

The Restore cleaning program replaces sodium and phosphate cleaners and chlorinated sanitizers, eliminates unnecessary water consumption in the cleaning and sanitizing process by as much as 80%, adds no detrimental byproducts to a wastewater treatment system, and reduces labor costs. Restore products are particularly useful and safe in winemaking.

Restore products are used to clean and sanitize tanks, transfer lines, bottling lines, tanker trucks, floors, walls and walkways.
Heritage Systems provides the storage and dispensing system that allows safe and efficient dilution and dispensing of product into your process.
Our system is mobile which allows it to be used in several locations throughout the winery.

Many wineries operate treatment ponds or packaged treatment plants to process the water and waste generated in the facility.
Traditional cleaning products return unwanted salts (predominately sodium) back to the soil.
Additionally, phosphates cause algae growth, high suspended solids, high B.O.D. and poor water quality.

Our products contribute no salt or phosphates.
The same technology is used throughout the brewing and dairy industries.
Approved for food and beverage.

RESTOREproducts have proven to be more effective against bacterial and fungal strains as compared to chlorine-based products.
Studies have shown that there is no measurable acetic acid contribution to wines that are immediately transferred in a freshly cleaned tank.
No volatile acidity is contributed to the wine.
Heritage Systems has developed cleaning procedures and safe-handling practices that ensure results and provide a safe work environment.
Filmaway is a dry product safe to handle and mix in much the same way that alkaline cleaners are mixed.
Lancer is supplied in 5-gallon cornelious kegs equipped with an internal battery-powered flow meter.
This allows cellar personnel to transport the material and introduce the appropriate concentration for the particular cleaning process.
When the kegs are empty, Heritage Systems picks them up and drops off additional full kegs.
There is no additional cost; we maintain the equipment free of charge.

Heritage RENEW

Heritage Systems developed our Renew line of cleaners and sanitizers with performance, efficiency, and cost in mind. The Renew cleaning and sanitizing program is built around two products:
Scaleaway: A Citric Acid-based cleaner used to remove alkaline mineral scales.
Pierce: A PerAcetic Acid based sanitizer which is effective in removing algae, scale, and bacterial-based deposits.
The Renew cleaning program replaces chlorinated sanitizers, hydrochloric acid, phosphoric acid, copper sulfate, eliminates water consumption in the cleaning and sanitizing process by as much as 50%, adds no detrimental biproducts to your ranch and is safe for your crop.

Renew products are used to clean and sanitize water tanks, water mains, distribution lines, drip lines, emitters and irrigation ponds.
Heritage Systems provides the storage and dispensing equipment that allows safe and efficient dilution and introduction of products into your system.
Our system is mobile which allows it to be used in several locations throughout the ranch.

Many ranches have the need to control algae, bacteria and scale deposits in the distribution and irrigation systems as well as their irrigation ponds.
Traditional cleaning products add unwanted salts (predominately sodium) back to your soils.
Additionally, chlorinated compounds can have a detrimental effect on your plants.

Contribute no salt or phosphate
Break down to CO2 and water
Proven results in the wine-growing industry
Eliminate Chlorine and Tri Halo Methagen issues
Control algae without copper
Safe to fish and plant life

Heritage Systems has a trailer-mounted storage, dilution and dispensing system that enables movement of our Scaleaway and Pierce products to various locations within a ranch site.
For main distribution line and drip line cleaning we introduce a dilute solution of Pierce into the water flow. Our technicians test the water exiting the drip lines and when we detect product residual, flow is stopped. It takes only one-half hour contact time to thoroughly clean a system.
Algae control in irrigation ponds is effectively accomplished using Pierce products. Our technicians, or your ranch personnel, introduce Pierce to the body of water. We provide a recirculation pump to ensure thorough mixing and contact.
The concentration of Pierce used to kill algae is not harmful to fish. The breakdown products are CO2 and water so there are no heavy metals to accumulate in your pond.
The Renew cleaning and sanitizing program, when compared to other technologies, is safer, more efficient and less costly.
Call us for a complimentary evaluation and to learn more about our services. Also ask us about our on-line treatments for systems that will not stay clean after shock treatments.


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