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From dealing with constricting water supplies to monitoring contaminants in public drinking water, water management and regulation efforts involve nearly twenty federal agencies and thousands of regional, state and city entities. As surely as the challenges grow and more regulations are implemented, good water practices--that is, water conservation and improved water management--is fundamental to safeguarding our health, the economy and our future.

Protecting the safety and reliability of our water sources and taps is requisite.


Drinking water standards are regulations that the EPA sets to control the level of contaminants in the nation's drinking water. These standards are part of the Safe Drinking Water Act's "multiple barrier" approach to drinking water protection, which includes assessing and protecting drinking water sources, protecting wells and collection systems, making sure water is treated by qualified operators; ensuring the integrity of distribution systems, and making information available to the public on the quality of their drinking water.

The state of California administers the EPA's drinking water standards, while imposing, in some cases, even more stringent requirements.

For the protection of consumers, the California Department of Public Health requires certain businesses to have a state-licensed water treatment and distribution operator on staff or under contract if they are providing their own non-municipal water--potable water--for employee and visitor use.


Heritage Systems holds both treatment and distribution licenses and is experienced in providing contract management services to the wine industry, as well as food processing and industrial manufacturing industries, to meet--and even exceed--regulations imposed by the state and local municipalities.

We think of our land and water as human resources not as static and sterile possessions but as life-giving assets to be directed by wise provisions for future days.
Franklin D. Roosevelt